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BMS was founded in February, 1982 to develop and market wireless microwave products for video and data transmission. In 1984, the company was purchased and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cohu, Inc. BMS designs and develops a comprehensive product line of FM analog and SD & HD digital COFDM portable and fixed transmitters, receivers, and accessories ranging from 1.4 - 15 GHz. Microwave systems include auto-tracking, air-to-ground video & data links, point-to-point video & data links, auto-tracking ground antenna systems, relay systems, and portable microwave links. Applications include real-time video for electronic news gathering (ENG), law enforcement airborne systems, unmanned vehicles, ground and aerial surveillance, telemetry, and live television broadcast communications.


VLAxx15LP 6-way diversa pod antenna System

BDC2006 Blockdownconverter

BMR120 Analog Frequency Agile Receiver

BMR24 Analog Video Receiver

BMT75 Portable Video FM Transmitter

Briefcase-Viewer II Portable Digital Briefcase Receiver

Carry-DeCoder II Digital Integrated Receiver Decoder

Carry-Viewer III Portable COFDM Diversity Handheld Receiver

CT2200HDV HDV COFDM Transmitter

CT2400LD Low Delay Transmitter

CT2440ARINC SD/HD Transmitter for airborne applications

DR2000 / DR6000 2- / 6-way Diversity Receiver

DR2100m Monitor Diversity Receiver

DR25xxHD Modular 2-way Diversity Receiver

Field-Coder II Portable Digital Transmitter

GCA-4 GPS Steerable Airborne Antenna System

Heli-Coder II Airborne Transmit System

Mobile Tracker-DeCoder II Mobile GPS Digital Tracking Antenna

Omni Directional Antenna 360° Omni Transmit & Receive Antenna

Silhouette / Superquad Central Receive Site Antennas

TAA-101 Aircraft Transmit Antenna System

Truck-Coder II Digital/Analog ENG/OB Van Transmit System

TS4020 Transportstream Switch

VLA2417LP High Gain Directional Antenna

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