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Dayang Launch of fully tapeless workflow at Colombeia TV, Venezuela with local partner Rodcast & Telecom

Caracas, Venezuela, 4th JUN, 2010 Dayang announces that by cooperating with its local partner Rodcast & Telecom, it has successfully completed the tapeless project for Colombeia TV.The Dayang tapeless system offered to Colombeia TV consists of Dayangs intelligent ingest system (D3-INGEST), enterprise level MAM system (D3-MAM), multi-channel automation system (D3-AIR), video ingest & playout servers (VIPS), high performance central storage (DMS-210), and 3D Character Generator (D3-CG LIVE). All these systems are seamlessly integrated together by using Dayang workflow engine. Also all the key components are in a mirrored configuration, can be automatically changed over in emergency situations.

The equipments offered by Dayang not only represent high performance and stability, but excellent compatibility with 3rd party equipments. The Dayang MAM system perfectly works with a Quantum LTO4 tape library, to offer huge archive capacity, and the Dayang automation system precisely controls video routers and key mixers offered by Evertz. Furthermore, Dayangs software can well interact with Colobeias existing FCP editors, daily clips can be easily exchanged between FCP and Dayang MAM system.

About Colombeia TV:

Colombeia TV is an educational channel which is established by Venezuela government. It is constituted by INCES (Instituto Nacional de Capacitacion y Educacion Socialista). The objective of Colombeia TV is to produce educational audiovisual contents, transmit and distribute the contents through public & private medium. Their program has wide coverage not only in Venezuela, but other Latin America countries.

About Rodcast & Telecom:

Rodcast & Telecom, represents Dayang in Latin America countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) as well as in Panama and Florida, US. The headquarter is located in Miami FL and is a company that supply broadcast systems and solutions for the Television market.

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