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BMS was founded in February, 1982 to develop and market wireless microwave products for video and data transmission. In 1984, the company was purchased and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cohu, Inc. BMS designs and develops a comprehensive product line of FM analog and SD & HD digital COFDM portable and fixed transmitters, receivers, and accessories ranging from 1.4 - 15 GHz. Microwave systems include auto-tracking, air-to-ground video & data links, point-to-point video & data links, auto-tracking ground antenna systems, relay systems, and portable microwave links. Applications include real-time video for electronic news gathering (ENG), law enforcement airborne systems, unmanned vehicles, ground and aerial surveillance, telemetry, and live television broadcast communications.



Standalone Surveillance System

Surveillance systems that exclude the use of a central command station can also be configured in a local fashion. For example, enemy military tanks advancing in low visibility weather conditions or through mountainous terrain may not be visible by ground troops, placing them in a perilous situation. Aerial video of the advancing tanks is captured by a UAV or helicopter deployed with a standalone surveillance system. The video, along with location coordinates, is transmitted via non-line-of-sight COFDM technology to the ground troops, providing immediate intelligence for ground troops to respond appropriately.

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